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Assessment and Treatment of Common Musculoskeletal Conditions – An Evidence Based Approach for the Massage Therapist | Self-Paced and Online

This is the online video experience of the 2 day in-person version. Participants of the in person version will be given a link for the video version.

Massage Therapy’s fastest route to evidence based practice!

Price: $300! (CAD)
Course duration: Just over 4 hours (4:06:11 running time)
Credit Approval: NCBTMB 4 | MTAA 4 Primary PD | CMMOTA 4 (for both Massage Therapists and Manual Osteopathic Therapists) Professional Skills

Course Description

Embark on a transformative journey with our course, that takes pain science beyond the basics, ans skips to the part where we focus on the meaningful takeaways.

This isn’t just another pain science course!

It’s a practical, engaging exploration designed for those eager to apply evidence-based practices, pain science, and a biopsychosocial approach in real-world settings. If you’re seeking clarity on how to revolutionize your practice come Monday morning, you’ve found the right course.

We understand the diversity in therapeutic approaches, from Cranio/Visceral to structural therapies. That’s why our course is crafted to be universally applicable, providing a versatile framework that enhances any style of practice. We emphasize our shared goals and approaches, celebrating the similarities that unite us as therapists.

This course is perfect for you if you’re seeking positive, forward-thinking insights into the future of Massage Therapy.

It’s tailored for those who wish to understand the unique strengths Massage Therapists bring to musculoskeletal healthcare and for those tired of the negative rhetoric surrounding the limitations of our field.

If you’re grappling with the impact of evidence-based practice and feeling a bit lost, or if you’re simply seeking to rekindle your passion for Massage Therapy, this course is your beacon.

However, if you’re already confident in integrating a biopsychosocial approach, looking for new manual techniques, or have recently attended my courses, this course might not be a good fit.

Prepare to gain:

  • Confidence in conducting swift and precise assessments.
  • Enhanced skills for effective treatment planning.
  • Deeper, more impactful patient interactions.
  • Practical ways to implement the biopsychosocial model in massage therapy.
  • Improved charting skills to reflect a modern clinical approach.
  • Insight into common cognitive barriers in engaging with new material and fellow healthcare professionals.

Join us in Massage Therapy’s Joyful Rebellion, a course that’s not just about learning but about reigniting your passion for the art and science of therapy.

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