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Interactive Massage Therapy (IMT)

This is where we go beyond technique, and learn from Massage Therapy's greatest resource...each other.

The pan-modality approach.

Price: $250 (CAD)
Course duration: 8 hours
Course Type: In person only
Credit approval: NCBTMB 7 | MTAA 8 Primary | CMMOTA 8 for Massage Therapists (Professional Skills)
Dates and locations:
Class times are 9:00 am to 5:00 pm local time.

June 12 2024 | Vancouver BC | 1152 Mainland St Suite 430 V6B 4X2

June 27 2024 | Vancouver BC | 1152 Mainland St Suite 430 V6B 4X2

Don’t see this course coming to a location near you? Please email Taylor at to see if something can be arranged!

Course Description

This course takes us beyond technique.

This is the pan-modality approach.

Are you weary of technique-centric courses that overpromise and underdeliver? Look no further! Our manual therapy class is a refreshing departure from the norm, offering an enriching learning experience at less than half the cost of typical technique workshops. Imagine immersing yourself in a vibrant community of therapists, each bringing their unique insights and styles to the table. It’s like attending multiple Continuing Education Credit (CEC) classes simultaneously!

Our one-day class revolutionizes the learning process with a brief, impactful lecture that transcends the conventional ‘tool-box’ approach. We delve into fundamental principles that enhance your practice, regardless of your personal style. We welcome a diverse range of methods – the more, the merrier – fostering an environment where every participant is both a learner and a teacher.

This course is not just about acquiring new techniques; it’s about harnessing the collective wisdom of fellow therapists. As we now understand that the ways in which all massage and manual therapy techniques work are fundamentally similar, with no single method outshining the rest, this class leverages our most powerful educational tool: each other. If you’re ready to transcend traditional technique-focused learning and embrace a collaborative, principle-based approach, this is the class for you. Join us for a transformative experience where sharing, learning, and evolving together redefine what it means to be a skilled manual therapist.

This course is for you if:

  • you want to learn from a diverse group of practitioners, and benefit from the collective wisdom
  • you’re looking for a lot of new techniques to add to your repertoire

This course might NOT be for you if:

  • you’re happy with your hands on techniques, and don’t feel the need to explore different ways of doing things.
  • you are certain that there’s a ‘best way’ or best technique.

This course will give you:

  • the amazing experience of benefiting from the wisdom of each other.

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